• When the main character
    King Suren is defeated,
    the game ends.Save captured friends,
    add them to your forces, and advance!

  • Ally soldiers are the weakest type,
    but are quite effective against Elite Bodyguards.
    As battles are won,
    Chief Soldiers and Knights can join the fight.

  • Knights are stronger than Soldiers.
    They can break into jails
    that hold Soldiers.Knights with past successes
    become Chief Knights,sparkling in gold.

  • Heroes are chosen commoners
    that assist King Suren.
    In 2-player mode, the second player
    directly controls heroes.

  • When Soldiers and Knights who are victorious
    over enemy heroes become Shoguns.
    With experience comes increased strength.

  • Bishops can convert enemy Soldiers and Knights.
    They can also slightly restore your allies'power.
    Bishops appear at the church.

  • The final boss.
    The first emperor of the Basamu Empire.
    Secluded inside his castle,
    everything about him is shrouded in mystery.

  • A basic enemy battle unit.
    They gang up and attack.
    Soldiers pick up dropped weapons and
    use them as their own.

  • Tougher than Soldiers, from King Suren's
    standpoint they require a different strategy.
    Please skillfully penetrate their
    defense and destroy their nets.

  • They can't move by themselves,
    but they can create phantoms with magic,
    willing them to attack.

  • Bodyguards that protect Ogoreth.
    "Strong against strong, weak againt weak"
    They wear mysterious magical armor.

  • Nickname for invincible shoguns,
    the strongest enemy hero in Bokosuka history.
    They lead the Chief Knights and ambush
    King Suren at the old Suren Castle Ruins.